Obama’s Popularity Drops In U.S. As It Increases In The Arab World

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A new CNN poll out Tuesday demonstrates a continuing decline in President Barack Obama’s policy approval rating across nearly all American demographic categories.

Obama’s general disapproval rating debuted at 23 percent in February of 2009, but shot to 50 percent for the first time in December of that year, outpacing his approval rating (48 percent) for the first time. After reaching a historic high of 56 percent (compared with an approval rating of 41 percent) for consecutive months late last year, Obama’s disapproval rating now sits stagnantly at 55 percent (compared with his current 43 percent approval rating).

As Breitbart observed Wednesday, it’s not just that Obama’s approval rating stinks – it’s that key demographics coveted by progressives have turned on him:

On no single issue does a majority of Americans approve of Obama’s position. On many important issues, e.g. health care, immigration and foreign policy, his approval ratings have reached new lows. Perhaps surprisingly, however, his approval ratings are worst among America’s working class…

It should be noted that Obama’s approval ratings have collapsed across the issues, not just with this sub-group. On voters’ top issue, the economy, 61% of voters disapprove of Obama’s performance. Just 38% approve. Obama’s numbers are 7 points worse than they were on the eve of the GOP landslide in 2010. His approval ratings on health care, illegal immigration, gun policy and the federal deficit have all reached new lows, with Obama’s approval mired in the 30s. On the deficit, 67% of voters disapprove of Obama.

As bad as these numbers are, they are worse among America’s working class voters. On every issue, Obama receives lower marks from those earning less than $50k and those who never attended college than the general population. A staggering 67% of those who didn’t attend college disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy, for example. 69% disapprove of his handling of health care.

You can view the full findings in the CNN poll here.

At the same time, Obama’s standing among residents of Arab countries as well as the disputed Palestinian territory, has improved by an order of magnitude in recent years, according to a new report from Zogby Research Services, a K Street consulting firm.

Polling residents of seven Middle Eastern territories – Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Palestinian territories (which the survey treats as its own sovereign entity) – Zogby saw dramatic gains in opinion for Obama. “Despite the persistence of negative attitudes toward several U.S. policies in the Arab World, there has been an uptick in U.S. favorable ratings in some Arab countries and an increase in Arab support for President Obama in all countries,” the study’s summary asserts.

That includes a massive jump in Egypt (three percent approval for Obama in 2011, compared with 34 percent today), as well as double-digit gains in nearly every other Arab state.

Unsurprisingly, occupants of the area at the heart of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict found the Obama Administration to be far more even-handed in its diplomatic temperament than residents in other parts of the Middle East:

When assessing the United States’ efforts to negotiate a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, overwhelming majorities in every country reject the notion that the United States has been even-handed in these negotiations. It is worth noting that while more than eight in ten respondents in Jordan (88%), Morocco (88%), Lebanon (84%), and Egypt (82%) express this view, Palestinians (and Arabs in the Emirates) are less inclined to be negative. Among Palestinians 30% say the United States has been even-handed (along with 31% of those in the UAE), and 57% say they are not confident in U.S. fairness in the negotiations.

Still, Obama has a ways to go before he’s regarded as favorably among Arabs as Bill Clinton, whom the survey describes as “far and away…the most positive U.S. president in recent history.”

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